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LandUseLawReport.orgDon't spend your valuable time sifting through myriad court decisions and state and federal regulations to find the pertinent information you need to solve your latest land use tangle. Every month, Land Use Law Report summarizes and analyzes the key decisions on today’s most pressing land use disputes, preparing you to ride the current trends in land-use planning law and policy. Plus, Land Use Law Report gives you access to a vast archive of the most significant land use decisions from the past. The result is a big-picture understanding of land use litigation and important legal precedents that will properly equip you to fight today's battles. Whether you're an attorney, planner or developer, government official, environmentalist or consultant, you need the breadth of information that Land Use Law Report provides on such vital issues as:

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  • Undesirable land uses

    Thursday, September 04, 2014

    Facts: Prelude LLC planned to build a wind farm on a property in the Town of Glenmore, Wisconsin. In 2009, Prelude entered into an agreement with the Wisconsin Public Service Corporation (WPS), a major public utility, to sell energy generated from the wind turbines to WPS at a favorable rates for 20 years. However, for the agreement to go into effect, Prelude had [...] Read More



  • Takings

    Thursday, September 04, 2014

    Facts: In 1998, the City of Cleveland, Ohio, issued a notice of violation of housing ordinances for a commercial property owned by a church. After executing a judicial search warrant to inspect the property for hazardous conditions, the City served the church with a notice of condemnation. The church did not appeal the notice of condemnation. But the City also [...] Read More



  • Regulatory taking

    Thursday, September 04, 2014

    Facts: In 2003, Pearson’s Fireworks (Pearson’s) leased land outside the city limits of the City of Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Pearson’s sold fireworks on the land during the month before the Fourth of July and during the weeks before New Year’s Eve. In 2006, the property’s owner, who had leased the land to Pearson&rsquo [...] Read More



  • Undesirable land uses

    Thursday, September 04, 2014

    Facts: The City of Garfield Heights, Ohio, regulates the design and placement of signs within the city. It permits more political signs than non-political signs. The City allows a single non-political sign in a window or lawn, no larger than 6 square feet, but requires the sign to be removed within 48 hours after the sign fulfills its purpose. For example, a homeowner [...] Read More



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