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LandUseLawReport.orgDon't spend your valuable time sifting through myriad court decisions and state and federal regulations to find the pertinent information you need to solve your latest land use tangle. Every month, Land Use Law Report summarizes and analyzes the key decisions on today’s most pressing land use disputes, preparing you to ride the current trends in land-use planning law and policy. Plus, Land Use Law Report gives you access to a vast archive of the most significant land use decisions from the past. The result is a big-picture understanding of land use litigation and important legal precedents that will properly equip you to fight today's battles. Whether you're an attorney, planner or developer, government official, environmentalist or consultant, you need the breadth of information that Land Use Law Report provides on such vital issues as:

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  • Zoning: Zoning Denials Cannot Support Substantive Due Process Claims

    Friday, April 11, 2014

    Facts: Flagship Lake County Development Number 5, LLC (Flagship) sought to rezone a 245-acre property so that it could build facilities for waste disposal, waste management, methane gas recovery, and recycling. It also planned to build wetlands habitat preservation areas there. The City of Mascotte, Florida denied Flagship’s application after [...] Read More



  • Environmental: Comments On An EIS Must Timely State The Significance Of The Alleged Mistake

    Friday, April 11, 2014

    Facts: Karst Environmental Education and Protection, Inc. (Karst Environmental) challenged a decision by the Federal Highway Administration (Highway Administration) to build a connector road linking I-65 and U.S. 31 in Kentucky. The proposed route would cut across one of the country’s "best examples of karst topography." Karst topography [...] Read More



  • Use Permits: City Improperly Revoked CUP, Didn’t Allege Specific Misrepresentations

    Friday, April 11, 2014

    Facts: In 2010, Oneida Seven Generations Corp. (Oneida) began discussing its plan to build a waste-to-energy facility in the City of Green Bay, Wisconsin. The planned facility would use pyrolysis to convert solid waste and other waste materials into other forms of energy by "heating them in a sealed chamber with high efficiency, low emissions mono [...] Read More



  • Eminent Domain: City Owes $4.25 Million For Delayed Condemnations In Road Project

    Friday, April 11, 2014

    Facts: In 2002, the City of North Las Vegas began planning and building a super-arterial roadway to relieve regional traffic congestion from Interstate 15. Part of the plan was to widen North 5th Street by 150 feet. To accommodate this change, the City changed its Master Plan of Streets and Highways to provide that all new development applications be conditioned [...] Read More



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