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Land Use Law Report's Zoning Survival Guide

Zoning is the most popular form of local government land use regulation in the United States—which is why zoning disputes so often end up in court. Land Use Law Report's Zoning Survival Guide is a unique compilation of case law analysis on zoning topics from special use permits and spot zoning to takings, environment issues and RLUIPA claims. This indispensible guide answers key questions such as:

Land Use Law Report's Zoning Survival Guide
Author: Gilbert Kimberly
Length: 38 Pages
  • Does a case-by-case permit application review violate due process?
  • Is public road use a prescriptive easement or adverse possession?
  • What makes a scenic view ordinance too vague to enforce?
  • When is revocation of a use permit not a taking?
  • Why wasn't an environmental assessment required prior to an airport closing?
  • How can a zoning regulation be the basis of an RLUIPA claim?

Our Zoning Survival Guide will help you understand the enforceability of (and exceptions to) common zoning regulations, provide "lessons learned" to guide your preparation of complex suits, and give you the keys to presenting winning arguments. Order today!


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