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Environmental Protections Case Law 2006-2012

Prepare your next environmental reg violation defense with this advice

Environmental Protections Case Law 2006-2012
Author: Staff of
Land Use Law Report

Length: 52 Pages

Visible or not, land uses can have dramatic effects on ecological systems–from watersheds and erosion prone areas to plant/animal habitats and even the way disease is spread. The many laws that regulate these diverse impacts present attorneys and their clients with a thorny path to success on any environmental violation claim or defense.

That's where this special publication from the editors of Land Use Law Report comes in. "Environmental Protections Case Law 2006-2012" is a unique collection of the most significant U.S. ecological land use disputes over the past five years. Each article goes beyond simple reportage to analyze the key points of the case, the regulations at issue, the arguments made (both successful and not), and the crux of the verdict.


"Environmental Protections Case Law 2006-2012" focuses on the recent judicial application of federal environmental laws and statutes, including:

The topics covered in "Environmental Protections Case Law 2006-2012" range from the ecological (e.g., genetically modified crops, forest fire management, and wildlife protections) to the procedural (e.g., EIS requirements, zoning law, preemption, and federal jurisdiction). Here's a sample of the expert insights you'll find inside:

"Environmental Protections Case Law 2006-2012" will help you understand your options for preparing a claim or defense under the most significant environmental laws governing land use today.


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