Land Use Law Report
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Boost Professional Development and Widen
Staff's Legal Perspective (PKGLUL440A)


This super-saver package of 2 illustrative special reports and the yearly newsletter will help you get up-to-the-minute compliance news, pick up money-saving tips and obtain timely legal strategies.

  1. Environmental Protections Case Law This report focuses on the recent judicial application of the most significant federal environmental laws and statutes, and covers topics ranging from the ecological (e.g., genetically modified crops, forest fire management, and wildlife protections) to the procedural (e.g., EIS requirements, zoning law, preemption, and federal jurisdiction).
  2. Land Use Law Report's Zoning Survival GuideIt is a unique compilation of case law analysis on zoning topics from special use permits and spot zoning to takings, environment issues and RLUIPA claims.
  3. Land Use Law Report Newsletter enriches your knowledge of regulatory takings, environmental legislation, zoning and planning policy and undesirable land uses.

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